The Book
Hi I'm Susan Lee-Titus, author, speaker, dancer, and communications specialist. I am a dance and aerobics fanatic and a member of the drama group Act One.

My diversified background includes serving as a local talk-show host, cable news anchor, drama critic, and host of That's Entertainment!-a weekly culture and arts program. Prior to that, I taught drama, speech, and communications at various colleges and universities in the New England area. I attended Emerson College, where I earned my masters degree in communications, graduating with honors.

I am the founder of the Joy Dancers, a prison outreach program that teaches aerobic dance to female inmates as an outlet for anger and stress. I am the author of The Dancer: One Woman's Journey from Tragedy to Triumph, and I'm a featured writer in the anthology Setting the Captives Free.

Check out my new book, The Dancer Returns: From Victim to Victory. It is a true story which asks the question: If you had survived a brutal rape at gunpoint, would you teach aerobics to convicted felons?

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