The Book
A successful career woman, fulfilled by her avocation and love for aerobic dance, Susan Lee-Titus was on top of the world until the day two men with sawed-off shotguns burst into the dance studio and brutally raped her.

Though she survived, she still had to literally pick her teeth up off the floor and start her life all over again. What followed was an eight-year odyssey for Susan, a draining and daunting physical, mental, and spiritual journey.

Despite suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Susan summoned a renewed faith and used the power of forgiveness to start the Joy Dancers, an outreach program for teaching incarcerated women how to release their anger through aerobic dance. But even more, Susan learned the beauty of compassion and the blessing of giving.

From the savage beginning to the hopeful dream at the end, The Dancer Returns is the remarkable true story of how one woman refused to remain a victim. With courage, strength, and grace, Susan proves itís possible to turn an unthinkable crime into a healing, life-affirming experience.